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    About Marco

    My name is Marco Di Gangi, I am from Piazza Armerina (in Italy) and I hold a Master’s degree, with Honours, in Food Science and Technologies from the University of Catania.

    Immediately after the Master, I attended in the same University a postgraduate one-year course on the environmental impact caused by food factories.

    Although this was a very useful experience, I decided to return to my real interest: Human Nutrition.

    In particular, I had the chance to focus on practical aspects of Human Nutrition for two years in close collaboration with Dr Biagio Nativo, a well-known Endocrinologist and former president of the Sicilian Doctors Diabetologists Association of Sicily.

    At the beginning of 2006, I started practicing as nutritionist in a private medical centre in Caltagirone.

    I used to help people referred by their GP when proper nutrition was required

    Together we would discuss achievable goals, guiding principles for proper nutrition, common difficulties found along the way and important things to say to ourselves and to put into practice.

    Based on this initial experience, in 2008 I started an additional practice in the nearby town of Piazza Armerina.

    At the end of 2014, I decided to come to England where continue my private practice

    The major goals are:

    - Being able to extend my professional activity

    - Specialising in needs and habits, which are more connected with

    people living in UK and northern European Countries in general

    I’m very much looking forward to helping people, here in the UK, achieve their goals whether you’re looking to lose weight or to improve your fitness